GODess Chastity



There is nothing chaste about Mistress Chastity. A lifestyle Domme, this Mistress possesses a preternatural understanding of your deepest and darkest desires. Through the delicate balance of subtle compassion and unflinchingly cruelty, I knowingly guide you into a world of complete and utter submission coupled with whatever it is you truly desire to achieve through your servitude. Humiliation and degradation without comprehension are meaningless, so if you’re seeking some sexual cliché of sorts, keep looking. If, though, you’re looking for a Mistress who understands the depths of true power and control, the balance of pleasure and pain, the significance of humiliation and reward, and the unending sexual gratification that results only from true service to a powerful woman, then pick up the phone.

My specialties are many, developed through years of real world training sessions from which I have since retired. This has allowed me to focus solely on my phone work, providing me with an even broader reaching range, including: Sissy Training, Bondage and Discipline, Cock & Ball Bondage and Torture, Dildo Training, Pussy and Foot Worship, Forced Feminization, Role-Playing, Spanking, Orgasm Control/Denial, Forced Cum Consumption, Financial Domination, Humiliation, and Toilet Slave Training. Do not allow this list to limit us though; the only limitations that exist in My world are those created by your mind. Allow my experience its due when it comes to seeping into your mind and controlling your soul… if you dare.

I have numerous expectations of my submissive for our session. Come both equipped physically with whatever toys and props you wish to use, and prepared mentally to delve into the world we create. Be ready to answer questions and look inside. Understand what it is you wish to achieve with our session, and finally, come seeking to push your boundaries and truly explore. Pick up the phone now, and allow yourself the opportunity to serve Me.


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